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The first and only live chat software to help your business win and nurture customers across messaging channels.

  • Website chat
  • Chatbots
  • Customer messaging
  • WhatsApp & more
Hi there! 👋 Can you help me?
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Hey, I have a question about my order.
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Great, that sounds awesome! 🙏
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Customer stories Userlike through the eyes of leading companies


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Creating that
in-store feeling

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The most enjoyable way for your customers to reach you

Volker Krumrey Volker Krumrey Villeroy & Boch

“With Userlike, everything’s more simple. Customers love the online chat because it allows them to reach the right person directly.”

Chat box with a customer conversation about bathroom design.

Make offering support easy and fun

Florian Störk Florian Störk Volksbank Lahr

“Some of our support reps were afraid they wouldn’t be able to handle the chat tool and type fast enough. A crash course washed their worries away by showing the intuitiveness of Userlike’s chat system. They now enjoy working with this fresh, new medium.”

Examples of canned messages, which can be used to speed up your chat agents’ response times.

Generate leads naturally from chat conversations

Henrik Schnabel Henrik Schnabel Trusted Shops

“Userlike allows us to catch the lead. Often it’s just a small question that keeps people from converting. They would not enter the callback form or call the hotline for it. With Userlike, we make sure they stay.”

Example of a customer lead, in the form of a customer profile that can be re-engaged via various messaging channels.

Easily track and manage your team’s customer interactions, whatever the scale

Userlike gives managers clarity and peace of mind, with instant documentation, advanced filter and search functions, customer ratings, and comparative analytics.

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Customer contact profiles.

Website Messenger The chat window to your customers’ hearts

Chat window example with a customer conversation about a sunscreen commercial.

Media support

File transfers, URL previews, video support, and more.

Chat window example with conversation history, through which customers can access their previous chat interactions with the company.

Long-term conversations

Let your customers jump back into previous conversations.

Chat window showing the voice messaging feature.

Voice messaging

Add the comfort of voice messaging to your service mix.

Message Center The beating heart of your customer relationships

The conversation list within the Message Center, showing customer contacts who are in touch with the company over various messaging channels.

Unified messaging

Whether through your website, WhatsApp or other, all messages land in your Message Center.

Userlike's canned messaging feature shown with an example from the banking industry.

Shared inbox

Canned messages, tagging, forwarding... All features to meet the challenges of live chat support.

Userlike's audio calls feature shown in Message Center.


Easily switch from customer chats to video calls and screen sharing. Perfect for clearing up more complex issues or capturing a warm lead.

A chat conversation flow showing the auto-translation function, a powerful feature for international chat support.

Live translation

Become an instant polyglot with instant, two-way translations.

Messaging channels Unify all your customers’ favorite contact channels, from your web chat to SMS, Threema, Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Become a messaging-first company.

Various emoji logos.

Data-privacy-first chat solution Born and hosted in Germany

  • Hosting in Germany
  • ISO 27001-certified hosting
  • 100% GDPR-compliant
  • Data privacy features
Christoph Münch Christoph Münch WITT WEIDEN

“Initially, the two chat software solutions we compared seemed closely matched. But when it got to the data privacy issue, we soon realized that Userlike was the only option for us.”

Illustration of Germany with data privacy features.
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